MAHA branches and dealers assist customers in all kinds of sectors from all over the world, as system providers. The vast number of satisfied customers and successfully completed projects affirms MAHA’s unfailing status as a skilled and innovative manufacturer in workshop fitting, and one of the most effective.

Openness and transparency for retail customers: the transparent workshop inspires confidence, revealing the effectiveness of the business and the know-how of the employees. Another important concept is the vehicle check-in: workshop turnover and earnings can be increased despite less frequent maintenance and manufacturers specifying low service periods. Working in conjunction with automotive manufacturers, vehicle workshops can offer the best possible workshop fitting.

Vehicle testing organisations
Hundreds of vehicles are tested at vehicle testing organisations every day, for their road safety and for environmental protection factors. This results in enormous quantities of test data, controlled and managed with powerful software. With the large number of test centres and test lines that it has developed, produced and commissioned, MAHA has gathered extensive experience and a large base of satisfied customers. Testing organisations worldwide put their faith in MAHA quality, while governments the world over award the company with all kinds of test assignments.

Leading vehicle manufacturers worldwide use MAHA systems to check that their technical production quality standards are being complied with. In close cooperation with the development departments of the vehicle manufacturers, complex testing systems with realistic testing parameters are developed, built, installed and maintained.

Projects and References

The performance and the professionalism of the MAHA Project Management Team is established now for many years while we run projects all over the world.


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Projects and References
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