From a two-person business to a successful global player with over 1,200 employees worldwide. We are very proud of our workers who have assisted us throughout this development over the past 45 years.

As a premium manufacturer of workshop equipment, well-trained specialists are vital for our success. Our work focuses on innovative development, efficient maintenance and modern vehicle testing so that vehicles on the road can be safe and environmentally friendly. We aim to promote mobility in society, with cooperation as its foundation.

Our workers are enthusiastic, creative and willing to be actively involved in the success
of our company.

To uphold these high standards, we look for the following key qualifications when selecting job applicants:

  • Communication skills:  Communication is the key to success and the driving force in effective and efficient collaboration. We therefore highly value a constant and appropriate exchange of information.
  • Flexibility:  Our products provide extensive value for customers combined with unmistakable quality and functionality.  To maintain this standard, we respond to changes in the market situation flexibly and utilise the forces behind these changes to continuously improve.
  • Team skills:  The best solutions are developed in a team – this is something we are certain of.
    We learn from each other, complement each other’s skills and work together to achieve our goals.
  • Personal commitment:  Our goals are your goals – and we can reach them together.
  • Willingness to learn:  Knowledge has a tendency to fade over time, and in these modern times it can become outdated very quickly.  We constantly provide appropriate training to preserve and enhance our key skills.