A successful future! With training from MAHA
We are a company that plans for the future and every year we offer 20 or so young People the chance to begin successful careers in 12 apprenticeship trades. With top talent trained by MAHA, we can strengthen our position in the market and ensure the long-term expansion of our worldwide presence.

And with MAHA you can remain on track for success even after you have completed training. We ensure that our employees can keep on developing personally and professionally in an international environment and that they identify with our corporate values. We do this by responding to the strengths of the individual worker, challenging and encouraging them and helping them to see their true potential. To guarantee that these goals are achieved, we provide internal and external study programmes and study courses combined with practical experience and collaborate closely with universities of applied science and other universities.

Despite our size as a company with international operations, we put people first in all of our work. We want our employees to be happy. One of our ways of promoting this is establishing a particular social environment. In addition to a culture of mutual respect, a challenging set of tasks and a workplace where responsibility is valued, we offer our workers flexible working hours, an in-house canteen and the option of a company pension. These efforts are reflected in our workers’
commitment to our company. Roughly 43% of the workforce has worked
for MAHA for over 10 years, and almost 20% for over 20 years.