The responsible, efficient use of our energy resources is both an ethical and a business task. First, we make our contribution to ensuring that future generations still have energy sources as part of the basis for living. Secondly, costs and fees associated with energy consumption can be reduced thus enabling more efficient production. We then have the chance to pass on this indirect additional revenue to our customers in the form of lower prices and to increase our profits and potential reserves. Both effects strengthen our market position and enable us to be a reliable partner for our customers, employees and suppliers. Our efforts encompass the support of the acquisition of energy efficient products and services which contribute to the improvement of the energy performance.
Our explicit objective is therefore to continuously improve our energy performance. We pursue this goal through regular target agreements, monitoring the achievement of these targets and last, but not least, a regular assessment of the management system. For this we ensure the availibility of information and resources to achieve the set operative and strategic goals.

Our commitment and policies are transparent for all to see through the publication of our environmental policies in internet and at the reception area of our company headquarters.