The responsible, sustainable planning and execution of our business activities is a central priority for MAHA management. With this we want to make a contribution to maintaining a healthy environment as the basis for living for our customers, employees and residents. With the introduction of the environmental management system we have therefore created a tool which enables us to achieve our ideas of environmentally sound production in all areas of our activities.

In this capacity, the environmental management serves us as a guide for a continuous improvement process to reduce and prevent pollution and/or adverse environmental effects. The management system is maintained by doing regular target agreements, monitoring the achievement of these goals, and last, but not least by assessing the management system itself. For this we ensure the availibility of information and resources to achieve the set operative and strategic goals.

Moreover, it provides us with the confidence to recognize and comply with applicable legal requirements.
Our commitment and policies are transparent for all to see through the publication of our environmental policies in internet and at the reception area of our company headquarters.