Quality management represents our ability to offer products and services on the market that comply with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements and with the needs of our customers.

Quality management for a secure future
For over 45 years, we have offered our customers premium products that meet their requirements and expectations to the greatest possible degree. To maintain our strong and stable market position as a premium supplier in an ever-changing marketplace, we need to be on the constant lookout for things we can optimise and improve. Doing so has enabled MAHA to be marketable and competitive for many years. Every single employee gives their all to ensure that we meet the requirements made of us by customers, law-makers and other groups, efficiently and in full, now and in the future. This applies not only to our cutting edge development and production and scientific knowledge but also to our comprehensive customer service, consulting and training courses
– and quality management can help with all these factors.

No exclusions as defined by ISO 9001 are made in connection with our quality management.